Whether you’re seeking dark and edgy or light and glistening, this is adornment for those who pride themselves on their distinctive style.


Take Flight Heart and wing knuckleduster

Emily specialises in custom designed, handcrafted fine jewellery for occasions to remember and customized accessories for everyday wear.

Her innovative approach to design places her at the forefront of contemporary men’s and women’s jewellery. Every piece is handcrafted by Melbourne jeweller, Emily Becher, combining traditional techniques with a modern design flair and using only ethically sourced quality materials to ensure you’re getting a piece that is beautiful inside and out.

You can commission Emily to make anything you desire from engagement and wedding rings to your everyday fashion jewellery. Within her ready to wear collections you’ll discover bold striking statement pieces alongside precious delicate accessories which allow for a petite touch of luxury.

As a fellow of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, you are guaranteed a quality Australian handcrafted product brought to life with Emily’s perfectionist eye for detail and a genuine passion and skill for creating unique and inspiring jewellery.

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