Just one of the amazing things your stash of old broken gold can do, if you let it.


I will admit, I was just a little bit bored in the shop that Sunday. The day was edging on, I’d finished all the necessary tasks on the to-do list and then some. I’d had a few browsing customers wander in and out, chatting within their group of friends as they wandered through the shop and on to chat their way through the next store in the strip. The sun was out, a rarity in Melbourne, and people were out and about enjoying it, so I was looking forward to escaping into the Sunday afternoon and doing the same.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my small dose of working retail and connecting with the customers every couple of weeks, but sometimes there are days when it’s quiet and no-one shows a real interest in the delightful hand crafted items displayed on the shelves and I start to wonder if maybe people’s appreciation of the handmade is starting to disappear. This question starts to roll around in my head on this particular quiet Sunday, but then, in a burst of excitement, enthusiasm and cheerfulness, in walked in a lady named Caroline.

 She was beyond thrilled to finally make it in to visit Arbor in the flesh after following the store on Instagram and loving the unique approach to jewellery that Arbor provides for its customers, she revelled in the space, soaking in the reflective light from the bling in the cabinets. Caroline’s enthusiasm and interest in learning about how everything was created was so wonderful it made me really grateful of her as an Arbor customer, and grateful to be the one rostered on that day to greet her. She took with her a couple of items and left behind a big smile on my face.

9 carat yellow gold pile

A few weeks later and Caroline was back, bringing with her a handful of broken gold chain, rings and unworn jewellery. She’d seen one of my textured rings on Instagram and decided she couldn’t live without one. She also wanted to watch the process of me crafting her handful of gold into a beautiful new ring, but I feared that the amount of swearing that happens in a workshop might not be the healthiest environment for someone so cheerful and lovely.

So Instead, I made her some time lapse videos showing little snippets of the process, I’ve only added a few here but you can see the whole lot if you jump on over to my Vimeo account https://vimeo.com/album/3477243



9 Carat Yellow gold chisel texture ring 2 9 Carat Yellow gold chisel texture ring






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  1. July 22, 2015

    That is a seriously cool press for hallmarking the ring! So nice to see your process :) You have a gorgeous studio.

    • August 10, 2015

      haha yeah I love my skull crusher! You should come visit sometime. xx

  2. September 11, 2016

    Ьookmarked!!, I love your bⅼog!

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